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Pool and Hot Tub Water Test Strips aka Dip Sticks!


It is very important to know what is going on with the water chemistry in your swimming pool or hot tub. How can you tell if you have enough chlorine in the water to kill off the nasty bugs and algae, but not so much that you end up with stinging red eyes and bleached white swimming costumes? The very simple solution is to use pool water test strips, sometimes referred to as 'dip sticks' or often in the shop as 'err I'm sure there was something else I needed to get...'

Happily our test strips are very inexpensive at just £4.99 for 25x 2 in 1 chlorine and pH test strips, or just £8.50 for 50x Aquachek 4 in 1 test strips (chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and stabiliser). Plus we have shot a 'how to test your pool water' video which you can see on you tube or on the Aquachek link above. It's very straightforward when you know how, but if you're not sure, please feel free to contact us for guidance.

Pool In Line Leaf Traps - In stock!

Our very popular in line leaf traps for swimming pools are back in stock and ready to go. This handy device, also known as a pool leaf catcher, connects to the top of your vacuum hose and your vacuum point/skimmer and collects leaves and debris before they clog up your pump basket! Buy your Pool [...]

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Replacement Solar Pool Covers

A good swimming pool cover is well worth the investment. Not only does a solar cover help to stop leaves and other debris getting into your pool, it helps to get heat into the water through the solar bubbles on the underside. The new style geo bubble is longer lasting and stronger than the traditional [...]

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Pool Maintenance

Its that time of year where the sun begins to shine and the birds come out to sing but more importantly its the time to get your swimming pool looking its best!!Nows the time to check you have all the maintenance equipment that you may require to keep your pool looking beautiful all summer long. [...]

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Replacement Multiport Valves for Pool Sand Filters

Your multiport valve is of vital importance to the running and maintenance of your swimming pool. It controls the flow of your pool water, for example if your pool has had an algae attack and you want to clear it you need to vacuum out to waste rather than clogging up your pool filter. You'd [...]

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Is Your Above Ground Pool Liner Damaged From The winter?

As you beging to open up your pool ready for the Summer season have you noticed that your liner has become damaged or faded over the winter period? If so then why not consider a replacement Pool Liner to give your pool that fresh new look once again!!We also have a repair range that can [...]

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Eco Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

If you're looking for a cheaper way to heat your swimming pool water this year, we'd highly recommend getting an air source heat pump. We have the Eco Heat Pump available from just £620.00 inc. VAT and delivery. This is a fantastic range of value for money heat pumps for smaller pools and larger above [...]

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Swimming Pool Chlorine

Chlorine granules are a must for most swimming pools as a cheap and effective way to manage healthy pool water. We are able to hold the price of our stabilised swimming pool chlorine granules down to match last years low price of just £18.95 for 5kg! Shop Chlorine Granules 5kg now

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Pipe and Fittings

We are pleased to have a wide range of pipe and fittings available at Oasis Pool Products.Buy Pipe and Fittings now. Have any of your pipes cracked over the winter? or are you making upgrades to your pool and need some more fittings? then here at Oasis we have all you require including the glue [...]

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Spare Parts for Pool Pumps

It's coming up to that time of year when you open up your swimming pool. If you need any spare parts for your swimming pool pump look no further than Oasis Pool Products. We have a huge range to buy online with free next day delivery available. Shop Spare Parts for Swimming Pool Pumps Now

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